UBS Takes Home Awards at A3F Film Festival

About the middle of February, the UBS team participated in the 8th annual Almost Famous Film Festival in Phoenix, Arizona. This is a festival we’ve participated in with varying degrees of success since 2005, but this year marked our best performance yet. Our short film “Back to the Nine” took home awards for making the top 20, Best Use of Theme, and 5th Place Overall, outscoring 44 of the 49 other films successfully completed.

The A3F is a very cool festival that works in the following way. On a Friday, teams are given a set of guidelines which include a theme, which their film must be about, a line of dialog which must appear in the film, and a prop which must be used in some fashion. This year the guidelines were as follows:

Theme: Lost Love

Dialog: “This could get complicated”

Prop: A clock or other timepiece, which a character must set.

Back to the Nine is embedded above. We’d love to hear your comments!