PSP launch a Bust?

Well, the PSP’s launch has now come and gone, and it appears that the little black box that everyone expected to explode onto the scene has, well, kind of limped onto the scene instead. According to the linked article at IGN, the reception of PSP appears to be mixed at best, with many retail employees and other readers writing in to report stocks of PSP’s, in some cases more than a hundred at a single store, just sitting there on the shelf.

Personally I don’t find this surprising in the least. or one thing, the pricing of the system is utterly absurd
at $249. For another thing, the bundle Sony decided to ship with the PSP is without a doubt the worst bundle ever. A demo disk with movies of games you could potentially play if you shell out another $50? Not a single playable demo? And on top of that they bundle in a UMD of a movie which, if you cared about it at all, you probably bought on DVD nearly a year ago anyway.

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