Ok, So I’ve been busy!

As you can tell from the complete lack of new blog entries in the last year, I’ve been fairly busy in other areas. Much of this has been at my bigger, more important site, All That Nerdy Stuff, but a lot of it is just that I’ve been busy writing and working on other projects.

This past weekend, however, I had some interesting conversations at the Whedonopolis convention about folding together disparate websites/projects rather than spreading them out. I’ve long hosted a collection of my own short stories at Damn Short Stories, and poetry at Poetic Hell, but now it’s pretty clear that these things need to come together under one banner. I’m still sorting out the best approach to that, but I think I’m going to bring it all under the Ugly Baby Studios branding. I won’t be able to really work on this until probably July, however, so expect some big changes–and more frequent updates–then.