Rock Band 2: Day One Impressions

Today saw the release of Harmonix and MTV Games’ Rock Band 2 for Xbox 360 (sorry other platforms, you’re just going to have to wait!), and I spent several hours with the title–with of course some friends–to really get to know the game. Rock Band 2 starts out much the same as Rock Band 1 (even to the point of having a remarkably similar intro sequence set in what appears to be the same desert), and aside from new items such as an improved calibration utility and access to the new “Challenges” in multiplayer it never really diverges from the first game in any significant ways.

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Zuma: Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360

The first time I played Zuma was on the PC, where much like the Xbox 360 version, the gameplay is simple yet challenging. By the time I reached the second level I was hooked on Zuma’s addictive gameplay.
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