Mutilate Rogues in WOW 3.1 Patch

Matias-Rogue, WoWAs a Mutilate-Spec Rogue in PVE, I experienced minute changes to my rotations for producing pve damage. This minute change, however, was to my benefit. Whereas before I needed to reapply a self buff continuously, I now only have to activate it once per minute-if combat even lasts that long. The Buff in question [Hunger for Blood increases damage by 15% and last for one minute, and requires a bleed effect on ones target(Though it isn’t required to be a self produced Bleed effect). The part that was removed from [HFB] was the removal of bleed effects from the user, though it isn’t really a necessary function for pve.

Where there are Pros there are Cons, however, and the downside of the secondary function of [Hunger for Blood], makes it a useless talent in pvp.  Sure, you get a damage buff, but in pvp (battlegrounds especially) you rely on burst damage to down an enemy quickly; using this cuts into the amount of energy you have left and slows your ability to react quickly to an opponent using his/her pvp trinket to remove a stun. Also, some classes that use deadly bleed effects, such as Warriors, stack these effects with no way to remove them. Without the aid of a healer, you will die even after you have slain your opponent. Prior to this patch you could easily remove these bleed effects and be right back to dealing insane burst damage for the faction of your choice (Alliance/Horde).

WoW-sers, those guys are pissed!

And heck, we like pissed, because pissed is funny. We’re pleased to welcome a new victim…err, friend into the fold with the introduction of the Angry WoW Gamer. It’s a funny site so far, with reports coming in from both players AND the ‘toons they play…uh, get played by. The AWG joins us as the third site in the Ugly Interactive Media Network.

Beyond just humorous commentary there are also some cool pics from the field, including what can only be described as “a Fucking LAND SHARK”. Clearly, Blizzard has some classic SNL fans in their employ!