To XNA with Love: Clover

[singlepic=39,180,120,,left]The web is semi abuzz with the news that Indie Studio Binary Tweed has announced an ambitious new XNA Community Games Project: Clover. The game is described as being laced with political themes, which sounds like it could make for an interesting bit of storytelling. The art is all done in a watercolor style and looks nice overall, though to be honest I feel like there should be some depth or perspective or something, I’m not quite sure. Work in progress, though, and a screenshot often fails to convey a game’s look in motion.

What’s most important, though, is that Binary Tweed appears to be taking the development of small Indie Games quite seriously, which I think is going to be a very wise move as Community Developed content moves forward in importance. To date, most of the XBLC games I’ve seen have been interesting from a “share and examine” point of view, but there are very few I’d feel good about paying money for (It’s quite unfortunate that Microsoft doesn’t allow indies to release games on the service for free). However, from the early looks and description of Clover I hope that I’ll be pleasantly surprised when it finally releases this quarter.

Good luck, Binary Tweed, we’re rooting for you!

Atlus ships Stella Deus

Atlus U.S.A., Inc. ships Stella Deus: The
Gate of Eternity to retailers nationwide exclusively on the
PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system

A stunning Strategy RPG that will thoroughly test your tactical prowess!

Irvine, CA (April 26, 2005) – Atlus U.S.A., Inc., a leading
publisher of console role playing games, announced today that Stella
Deus: The Gate of Eternity, a strategy / RPG for the PlayStation®2
computer entertainment system, has shipped to retailers nationwide.
Stella Deus will also be the first Atlus game that will feature a
dual-sided coversheet, the designs of which were chosen by users on
Atlus’ official message board.

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